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Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Carolina Mountains

By Lynda McDaniel


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The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Carolina Mountains

By Lynda McDaniel. Now launched on the World Wide Web, here you will find the entire contents of the best-selling book about the North Carolina mountains.

This Web site, which also exists as a book, has more than 140,000 words, 51 maps, numerous illustrations, and photographs covering the North Carolina Mountains. There are two ways to find information: the expandable book map below (find the area you are interested in and click) and the search engine Sherpa Search (above).

The book is part of the Longstreet Highroad Guides series of 19 books by Longstreet Press. Outdoor enthusiasts can use the Longstreet Highroad Guides series to plan excursions to other coastal areas including the Georgia Coast & Okefenokee, Florida Keys and Everglades, Chesapeake Bay, the Maine coast, the Washington and Oregon coast, and the California coast. The mountain series highlights Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington Cascades, Oregon Cascades, Colorado, California, and Arizona. Book reviews.

Mountain travelers—first-time visitors as well as seasoned locals—will find a wide range of information on this Web site.

Web site wear you out?

All of this content is available in dead trees (book) form for those who may want to carry it with them on the hiking trails, beaches, river campsites, or historic sites. Or just admire it on their coffee table. Published in 1998, the book is 320 pages long, has 51 maps, is printed 2-color and measures 7x9 inches. Includes 60 original drawings, photographs, appendices, and an index. ISBN 1-56352-463-5. $18.95. Book reviews. Buy the Book.



The Natural History Of The North Carolina Mountains

The Grandfather Mountains

The Black Mountains

The Newfound Mountains

The Balsam Mountains

The Nantahala Mountains

The Snowbird Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains

The Long Trails of Western North Carolina



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