Reviews of the Longstreet Highroad Guides

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About the book series:

Los Angeles Times: "These handsome guides combine solid information, useful maps, fine line drawings and photos to make the mountains alluring and accessible."

Travel & Leisure Magazine, June 1998 Book of the Month: "Books in this series ... have easy-to-read maps, detailed trail descriptions, and lists of outfitters and annual events. There's an astonishing amount of geological information, as well as a a surprise or two."

The Vermont Burlington Free Press: "I have never seen so much relevant information compiled into one source ... presented in a remarkable clear and concise format."

Library Journal: "These handsome guides will appeal to any adventurer exploring the mountains on foot or by bike, by canoe or car. Highly recommended for natural history, recreation, or regional collections."

Arizona Republic: "A perfect entrée into the mountains."

The Tennessean: "A valuable guide for anyone with a love of the outdoors."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Longstreet Press has published an excellent series to America's mountain and coastal areas."


The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast and Okefenokee

By Richard J. Lenz. This is the best selling book about the Georgia coast ever published, written by the editor of the series. 352 pages and 22 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendix. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-542-9. To view the contents go to SherpaGuides.com. Buy the book.


Buddy Sullivan, Sapelo Island Manager: "This is a terrific book! Richard J. Lenz has done the coast and great (and complete) service!"

Sandy Bray, Whitey Dog and Associates: "Longstreet Press sent me a copy and ... I was thrilled to get it. I have bought over 20 copies for gifts and it's like it's the greatest book in the world. Everyone loves it and just raves and raves about it."

Mick Rivers, AirTran Arrivals Magazine, Oct.-Nov. 1999: "Touring an area as historic and ecologically diverse as the Georgia low country is far more rewarding if you know in advance what to look for. Before you go I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast & Okefenokee, by Richard J. Lenz. This new book is crammed with details about the coast, including its history, ecology and wildlife, and places to stay, eat and otherwise enjoy. You'll find detailed maps, drawings of wildlife and plant species, and mini-essays on everything from tabby, the 18th-century 'coastal concrete,' to live oaks and Blackbeard the Pirate."

John Sibley, President, The Georgia Conservancy: "Guidebooks, like this excellent guide by Richard J. Lenz, provide a multitude of opportunities to cultivate a relationship with our natural world. I encourage all who come across the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast and Okefenokee to use it immediately to become personally acquainted with the vast treasures that constitute our beloved coast and prized marshlands."

Simon Barker-Benfield, The Jacksonville Times-Union, Sunday, August 22, 1999: "This is the book to have if you are exploring the 100 miles or so of coast between the Florida-Georgia line and Savannah and want to know about he area's history, geology, plants fish, birds and other wildlife. Lenz is interested in stuff with a Capital 'S.' Ghost crabs. Ghost shrimp. Barbecue. The diversity of subjects generates good reading even for armchair travelers. Consider: Ogeechee River shad, travel as far as Canada before eventually returning to the river top spawn; the formation of lakes called 'carolina bays' puzzle scientists, some of whom thick they may have been scoured out by gale force winds some 2 million years ago; brown and white shrimp when young double or triple their weight each month; Magnolia Bluff on the Satilla River is a rare virgin hardwood tract and includes a 500-year old magnolia tree; the floor of the Okefenokee is 128 to 103 feet above sea level and the top layer of sand is from the Pleistocene Age, 2 million years ago; blimps flew anti-submarine patrols out of Brunswick during World War II; cedar is common near Indian shell middens on St. Simons Island because the shells decompose creating a soil pH preferred by cedars; in 1895, there was a mine filed stretching across the mouth of the Savannah River. One particular attractive feature of the book is that Lenz goes that little extra mile in satisfying his readers' curiosity. Tabby? Sure, a lot of people known it's a concrete made from shells. But Lenz tells you how. ... Also included are excellent maps, lots of information on things to do, places to eat and stay, all organized in an attractive, well-designed, well-illustrated package. The book is bargain."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to Florida Keys and Everglades

By Rick Farren. If you love the Keys and Everglades of South Florida, this is the book for you. Learn more about the flora and fauna of this very special part of America. 320 pages and 21 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-543-7. $18.95. Buy the book.


Walter Eager, Vero Beach Florida Press-Journal: "I have just recently spent time reading parts of a book by Rick Farren. It is a fascinating book all about the outdoor life in both areas, where the best wildlife areas are, and the history of these fascinating places. This book is a 320-page excursion into the Florida Keys and the Everglades that details 25 original maps and 40 original illustrations. There is detailed information of natural history, geology, flora and fauna -- plus some very interesting stories."

Gulfshore Life: "A new traveler's guide for the Florida Everglades and the Keys promises to tell even seasoned residents and travelers something they didn't already know about our region. Well researched and comprehensive, the book is packed with reader friendly, useful information on the natural systems, history and culture of Southwest Florida, from Naples area all the way to Key West. So whether you are seeking to discern an anhinga from a cormorant, or find the best watering hole in Key West, look no further -- it's all in the book."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Chesapeake Bay

By Deane Winegar. Foreword by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Award-winning nature writer Deane Winegar, who co-authored the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Virginia Mountains, returns to share her knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay. An essential addition to a bay-lover's library. 352 pages and 23 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 2000. ISBN 1-56352-544-5. $18.95. Buy the book.


Virginia Wildlife Magazine: "Deane Winegar has done it again!"

Staunton News-Leader (Jennifer Hensley, Outdoors Columnist): "This is the best guide to the Eastern Shore that I have run across. It doesn't take the fun out of exploring the area, but instead, like a long-lost treasure map, it gives you a lead to finding the gems in the area."

The Roanoke Times (Mark Taylor, Outdoors Editor): "A comprehensive book that will appeal to anyone who spends time on or around the bay.Winegar packs a wealth of information into the guide's 300-plus pages."

The News Virginian, Waynesboro (Theresa Curry, Feature Writer): "Deane Winegar's obvious love for her subject fills every page. Anyone wanting to explore the Bay should have this book in hand."

The Wildfowl Trust of North America (Ginny Vroblesky, Director): "A labor of love.an excellent and accurate job."

The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg (Art Cone, Outdoors Editor): "A great book.It won't go out of date for a very long time. It represents a truly colossal amount of research."

Virginia Outdoor News (King Montgomery): "Unique.maps, detailed descriptions, extensive information on the natural history, geology, flora and fauna.extensive coverage of many things to see and do in port cities.restaurants, lodging, night life.helpful appendices list outfitters, guides and locations of every lighthouse.something for everyone, all clearly and entertainingly presented in a super book."

Lancaster News, Pennsylvania (John McGonigle, Outdoors Editor): "A treasure trove of information.this work represents a tremendous amount of work."

Journal Newspapers, Northern Virginia (David Hart, Outdoors Editor): "Covers everything from fishing piers, nature trails and boat ramps to museums, restaurants and state and local parks on both sides of the Bay. Winegar also sprinkles interesting tidbits of nature and history lore throughout her book."

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Ann Lloyd Merriman, Book Editor): A book "on the many natural wonder the Bay boasts." Contains "an overview of the Bay's history.detailed sections on various adjoining areas in Maryland and Virginia. Easy-to-follow maps are helpful, as are several appendices and an index.chronological list of events will be of special interest."

Outdoors Afield (Bob Gooch, Syndicated Outdoors Columnist): "If the Chesapeake Bay is in your summer vacation plans, this book is a must."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Maine Coast

By Elizabeth Edwardsen. The author captures the special features of the Maine coast, from wildflowers, to bird life, to whales. 320 pages and 21 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-545-3. $18.95. Buy the book.


The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington and Oregon

By Allan May. May is the acclaimed nature writer who first tackled the Washington Cascades for the Longstreet Highroad Mountain series. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 2000. ISBN 1-56352-595-X. $18.95. Buy the book.


The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the California Coast.

By Ken McKowen. From the redwood forests of the north coast to the beaches of the south, McKowen uncovers natural and human history as well as the geologic features, flora, and fauna found in California today. 352 pages and 60 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 2000. ISBN 1-56352-594-1. $18.95. Buy the book.



The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Virginia Mountains

By Deane and Garvey Winegar. Covering in detail the special areas of Virginia's mountains, experienced natives Deane and Garvey wrote what many think is the best guide to the Virginia mountains ever published. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Index. Published 1998. Buy the book.


1998 First Place Winner of the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft.

1998 ForeWord Book of the Year finalist, Travel Category

Lee Walker, Editor, Virginia Wildlife Magazine: "I have to say that I have never had so much fun, learning so much from one book than I have reading the Highroad Guide to the Virginia Mountains. ... exceptional ...This is one book I promise will spend more time in your hands than on a bookshelf gathering dust."

Art Cone, Outdoors Editor, The Virginia Gazette: "This book is probably the best book on Virginia outdoor recreation that has ever been produced. Your really have to see it to appreciate the enormous amount of work it took to produce this remarkable, highly useful volume. It really is outstanding. Frankly, I haven't been this bullish about an outdoor book in years."

Rex Bowman, Bureau Chief, Richmond Times Dispatch: "cataloging all that the mountains have to offer campers, hikers, anglers, hunters, bicyclists, bird-watchers and amateur geologists."

Ann Lloyd Merriman, Book Editor, Richmond Times Dispatch: "The writers have compiled another outstanding guide. Mountain visitors and climbers will find every kind of helpful information they seek listed here, arranged by areas broken down by maps that are clear even to novices."

Bill Cochran, Outdoors Editor, Roanoke Times & World News: "It doesn't just tell how the mountains have been barriers, boundaries and battlegrounds that have shaped our climate and culture, it addresses subtle yet exciting things: The tom turkey that gobbles from the ridge tops, the brook trout that fins about in crystal water filtered by the roots of towering hemlocks, the red trillium that blooms in rich, black soil, the wood thrust that makes it flute-like call in the deep woods. (This book is) pleasing, authoritative."

Gene Mueller, Outdoor Editor, The Washington Times: "...a supremely useful book ... Longstreet Highroad Guides to the Virginia Mountains will become an indispensable companion for all those looking for a lively Blue Ridge trout steam, or for people searching for the ideal location to pitch a tent, maybe hike through a wilderness area, or ride the mountain roads in hopes of seeing a black bear. So it goes through this lovely book. And we do not hesitate to recommend it."

David Hart, Outdoors Editor, Journal Newspapers, Northern Virginia: "This 340-page book is an explorer's dream come true. It's the perfect raveling companion to anyone searching for a magical place tucked in the mountains, valleys and hollows of Virginia's western highlands. The Winegars paint a vivid picture of each area and include local lore, natural history and even such details as when and where a certain type of wildflower blooms."

Jerry Ratcliffe, Sports Editor, Charlottesville Daily Progress: "...the most comprehensive guide available."

Marguerite Hargreaves, Daily Press: "Even regular visitors to Virginia's mountains will find something new here."

Bob Gooch, Syndicated Outdoors Columnist, Outdoors Afield: "this is a good book ... a joy to read ... the authors' love of the mountains shines through."

Monty Rainey, Outdoors Editor, South Hill Enterprise: "...incredible new book."

Teresa Curry, Feature Writer, The Waynesboro News-Virginian: "If you're going to spend some time outdoors this fall, you may want to invest in some reference books. By far the most helpful will be the Highroad Guide to the Virginia Mountains. Nothing that makes our mountains special escapes the scrutiny of the authors. Beautifully designed as well as written."

Millie Ball, New Orleans Times-Picayune: "If you are lured to the mountains and valleys of Virginia, you'd do well to head first to a bookstore for this 334-page volume. This isn't the place to find deluxe hotels, but if you want to find the best of outdoors in Virginia, start right here."

Bill Rooney, American Hunter: "This is a fine guidebook, as you might expect from a couple of journalistic Virginia natives, one the long-time outdoor columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the other an award-winning writer and nature photographer. The book has a nice "feel" to it, friendly and functional, eye-pleasing and right to the point, much like the places it portrays."

Los Angeles Times: "These handsome guides combine solid information, useful maps, fine line drawings and photos to make there mountains alluring and accessible."

Former Gov. Linwood Holton: "I shall enjoy it for a long time to come."

Former Gov. Gerald Baliles: "A wonderful publication ... I have already devoured scores of pages ... a job well done."

Robert Riordan, The Nature Conservancy: "I really like the design of the book."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Mountains

By the Georgia Conservancy. Foreword by Jimmy Carter. This best-selling book about the Georgia mountains was written by Georgia Conservancy volunteers and includes Dr. Charles Wharton's important work on the natural history of the Georgia mountains. 288 pages and 55 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1998. ISBN 1-56352-461-9. $18.95. Buy the book.


President Jimmy Carter: "In a remote cove or on a high windswept ridge, thoughts and cares of the modern world drop away, letting us for a little while become children of the earth ... Rosalynn joins me in recommending this valuable guide to all those who seek to discover the natural treasures awaiting them in the Georgia mountains."

Bill Baab, The Augusta Chronicle: "This is a fantastic book, revealing secret places and hideaways known previously only to those who live in, or have spent lifetimes exploring, the hilly regions of the upstate. The reader appreciates the presence of maps detailing through a numbering system how to get there from here. Waterfalls, caves and wildlife that may be seen in each of the regions are described in this well-illustrated book."

Colby Jones, Forsyth County News: "Whether you are planning a weekend camping trip or simply want to plan a future getaway, this slick publication provides an accessible and useful wealth of information"

Millie Ball, New Orleans Times-Picayune: "This guide is mainly for lovers of the outdoors -- not folks who pull over the car to snap a photo of a deer at the side of the road. The book is full of details about hiking trails, white water rafting, fishing and canoeing on the Chattooga River and other waterways. There's lots about camping and biking and outfitters and guide services, as well as guides through some fairly wonderful scenery. It's great for background about wildlife, flowers, trees, caves -- everything natural. Get it."

Thom Storey, Nashville Tennessean: "Now is a great time to consider getting off the beaten path for a weekend, or even longer. A good way to start would be to pick up the Highroad Guide to the Georgia Mountains, painstakingly produced by volunteers of The Georgia Conservancy. This comprehensive guide brings together the natural history and features of the mountains in a format that is easy to use and packed with detailed information. Detailed trail descriptions and 58 colorful maps highlight mountain areas that include parts of Tennessee, Alabama and the Carolinas. If hiking isn't your idea of fun, the mountains also offer great fishing, canoeing, mountain biking and horseback riding. Literally hundreds of getaway ideas are included here."

Kent Mitchell, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution: "This guide offers information, maps and secrets that can be useful to the serious hiker as well as to the sightseer who want to pull of the road for a breathtaking view."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Carolina Mountains

By Lynda McDaniel. This popular book features a wealth of material about North Carolina's mountains from the Snowbirds to the Grandfather range. 320 pages and 51 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1998. ISBN 1-56352-463-5. $18.95. Buy the book.


Chicago Tribune, The Resourceful Traveler recommended book

Barbara L. Diamond, Hendersonville Times-News, North Carolina: "A refreshingly different new book series, the Highroad Mountain Guides, should be appreciated as much by long-time residents as by newcomers to our area. The Guide to the North Carolina Mountains is the next best thing to having an experienced naturalist lead you up the trails, through the forests, alongside the waterfalls, and across the streams that define Western North Carolina. Author Lynda McDaniel has done an excellent job researching her subject. She describes in depth the native plant and animal species, geological formations and weather conditions, as well as the natural and social history that make Western North Carolina unique. To further emphasize the holistic perspective of this book, the publisher avoided using color photographs and jazzy illustrations. Included instead are small, sepia-toned photos, along with simple drawings and maps in shades of nut brown, rust and forest green. Whether you are a novice or experience hiker, bird-watcher, camper or nature lover, this book is sure to enhance your future adventures. McDaniel's book makes for enjoyable armchair-travel reading, too."

Ronda Voorhis, Wichita Kansas Eagle: "This book is beautifully written, thoroughly organized and provides a wealth of information about western North Carolina ... This kind of detail makes this book a delight to absorb in your living room with your feet propped before a roaring fire. I felt like I had done a 6-mile hike after browsing through the guide."

Glenn Ayers, Burlington Times-News, North Carolina: "If you really want to see the mountains like you've never seen them, or see more about them than you ever expected, heed this advice. [There's a new book out] and I've just read it and can attest the book is even better than the claims of the publisher. And when is the last time you saw that happen? They are very accurate when they say "the book is an indispensable reference to the best the mountains have to offer." The Highroad Guide is the most comprehensive book ever compiled on this subject. And, that's sort of an understatement. I said that I'd "read it," but, really, I'm still reading it. It's one of those books like the Bible, The Compleat Angler or Gray's Anatomy. You don't just read it as you would a novel. You keep coming back to it for both reference and enjoyment. ... To round out the visual aspects of this exciting book, more than 30 original illustrations and a dozen photographs depict flora and fauna throughout the North Carolina mountains."

Sarah Belk King, House Beautiful, Good Guides: "Each volume includes maps, botanical notes, as well as festival dates and museum hours. Delightful drawings -- of wildflowers, plants, and creatures of the water and woods -- look as if they were torn from a naturalist's sketch pad.

Phoenix Arizona Republic: "This is a perfect entree into the Blue Ridge, Smoky and Black mountains, with maps, history, science, flora and fauna, illustrated with some very nice drawings by Danny Woodard. There is a great deal of information packed into the book, in small digestible portions."

Susan Farrington, The Sanford Herald, North Carolina: "This is an an indispensable reference, both for first-time visitors and experienced mountain travelers."

George Ridge, Arizona Daily Star: "A comprehensive guide to a section of the United States that up to now had found no single chronicle."

Jack Horan, Charlotte Observer, North Carolina: "This attractive guide blends natural history with how-to-get-there information on the prominent peaks, parks, wildernesses, rivers, lakes and trails in the N.C. mountains."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains

By Greg and Karen Czarnecki. Pennsylvania has many beautiful state and national forests, parks, and wild areas that are described in detail by the Czarneckis. 320 pages and 51 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1998. ISBN 1-56352-474-0. $18.95. Buy the book.


Tom Fegely, Allentown Call, Pennsylvania: "Looking for some close-to-home adventure? Then check out the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains. The book is packed with useful where-to-go and what's-to-be-found-when-I-get-there information on state parks, forests, gamelands, and federal properties. Recreation opportunities including natural history attractions and more than 225 trails are described in detail."

Randy Kraft, Allentown Call, Pennsylvania: "Two attractive new travel books are bound to inspire you to get out and explore Pennsylvania. [One is] the Longstreet highroad Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains."

Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer: "Greg and Karen Czarnecki's Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains takes you not just hiking on any noticeable mountain in the state, it looks at the sights you might find along the way and the recreational activities you can expect. It's thorough and illustrated with fauna and flora throughout."

Dave Zuchowski, New Castle News, Pennsylvania: "For something closer to home that'll come in handy this summer and fall, checkout the new book by Greg and Karen Czarnecki. This 306-page reference for both experienced and first-time explorers brings together the natural history and features of Pennsylvania's mountains in a format that's easy to use and is packed with detailed information."

Marcus Schneck, Harrisburg Patriot-News: "Whether you're a first-time visitor or an experienced mountain traveler, The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Pennsylvania Mountains will help you to find the best secluded campgrounds, to discover coves of wildflowers, mountain villages, and towns with special histories and mountain museums."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Tennessee Mountains

By Vernon and Cathy Summerlin. For anyone who loves the Smokies, and the highlands of eastern Tennessee, this book is indispensable for its wealth of detail. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-475-9. $18.95. Buy the book.


Lois Thomas, Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tennessee: "If you have to pick one guidebook about the East Tennessee area, this is a top contender. It provides a wealth of detailed information about the sights, activities, scenery and natural history of East Tennessee from the Cumberland Plateau through the Tennessee Valley and to the Unakas of upper East Tennessee. You'll find wonderful, easy-to-understand and well-structured information on activities and sights. This is particularly true for hiking trails in the many parks in this area. In fact, the guidebook is the arguably most complete and best source of easily understandable and easily accessible information you'll find on the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, most state parks and other public lands."

Greg Langley, Baton Rouge Advocate, Louisiana: "More than a guide, this book is a superb natural history reference on the mountain areas of Tennessee in the eastern and central part of that state. This is a book whose first purpose is to provide accurate and detailed information about the area: access to parks, camping sites, streams, hiking trails, canoeing runs, national parks and recreation areas, state parks, geologic oddities, scenic sites, mountains, universities, arboretums, towns and attractions, wildlife and too much more to mention. Pick up a copy of this book before you plan your next vacation in Tennessee, and you'll see that there's more to the area than Dollywood, Gatlinburg and the Smokies."

Brad Lifford, Kingsport Times-News, Tennessee: "Strangers to the Tennessee mountains could learn much about the region by reading a new travel book, Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Tennessee Mountains [and] many Northeast Tennesseans could learn something about their own region in this book."

Jason Nebel, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio: "The Tennessee mountains have enchanted travelers for generations with their abundant trails, coves, campgrounds, historic sites, waterfalls and more. And this guide lays it all out for you. There is information on offbeat museums in the region, such as the John Thomas Scopes Museum and unusual accommodations, such as the Historic Donley Cabin, built in the 1860s by a Confederate dodging the draft. Readers also can find where there are grassroots playhouses, wineries and living history sites. The book's emphasis, however, is on nature. There are detailed descriptions of geologic history, native flora and fauna and outdoor activities. There are extensive sections on Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Unaka Mountains, and the Cumberland Plateau."

Thom Storey, Nashville Tennessean, Tennessee: "Eastern Tennessee offers some of the best opportunities to appreciate the lush green landscape of the southern Appalachian Mountains. While hundreds of thousands of people live in these hills and millions more flock here to visit each year, there are still plenty of places where nature's wealth and beauty can be observed. Climb to the top of a heath bald and survey the rhododendron display. Stand on the banks of the Clinch and reel in the catch of the day. And hikers will find solitude as well as beautiful scenery on thousands of well-maintained trails. That's what The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Tennessee Mountains is all about. Authors Vernon and Cathy Summerlin, regular contributors of travel articles to The Tennessean, have put together a valuable guide for anyone with a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for seeing and experiencing it first hand. If hiking and roughing it isn't your cup of tea, use this guide to discover scenic drives through lush valleys, up mountain passes and along dozens of breathtaking rivers and streams. Dozens of detailed maps help you plan your weekend getaways and set the itinerary for a year filled with exploration."

Lebanon Democrat, Tennessee: "The Highroad Mountain Guides series puts a wealth of knowledge and research in an accessible, understandable format that is both easy to use and greatly helpful. These books bring together the natural history, geology and recreational features of the mountains in a way that no other book has done, making them handy guidebooks that are interesting and exciting reading cover to cover."

Dan Cook, Chattanooga Times Free Press: "[This guide] is a top spring book for outdoors buffs. Franklin, Tennessee residents Vernon and Cathy Summerlin give a detailed description of what to look for in the Volunteer State, with a book that is an especially valuable acquisition for the camper or hiker."

George Thwaites, Kingsport Times-News, Tennessee: "A new travel book -- Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Tennessee Mountains -- is a resource which should prove useful to any area resident who has recently resolved to take a greater interest in our natural and historical surroundings. As a comprehensive guide, this book should prove an excellent starting point for anyone planning vacations on the Appalachian Trail, in the Smokies or at other major destinations like Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New York Adirondacks

By Phil Brown. While there are many hiking trail books in print about the Adirondacks, this volume goes into depth about the flora and fauna and natural history of New York's beloved mountains. Phil Brown's expertise is evident on the page as he covers everything from geology to good places to fish. 352 pages and 51 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-505-4. $18.95. Buy the book.


Ric Bourie, The Boston Herald, Massachusetts: "The best guide to this region's natural wonders is the Highroad Guide to the New York Adirondacks. Not only will it lead you to the best mountains, trails and parks, it teaches about the flora and fauna you'll find there."

Dennis Aprill, Albany Times Union, New York: "The Adirondack Mountains of New York state are a vast area that seems to lure as many authors as tourists. Just when you think every base has been covered, every aspect of the 6-million-acre park written about tenfold, along comes a new book that creates its own niche. The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Adirondacks is one of these books. Author Phil Brown has written a travel guide and much more. The wealth of information he presents goes beyond that found in other field guides. For one, he covers the entire Adirondack Park, beginning with its history, both geological and human. It seems as though nothing is left out. That alone impressed me, for I, too, am an author of an Adirondack trail guide and know the amount of work and eye to detail needed to cover just one trip, much less the entire park. But this book is not just an encyclopedia of useful information; included with the text is a wealth of natural and cultural information. From reading his guide, it is clear to me that Phil Brown has spent a lot of time traveling and researching the Adirondack Mountains. The information he presents is not only all-encompassing, but up-to-date. Outdoor enthusiasts will find the guide an important addition to their Adirondack collections."

Tony Hall, Binghamton Random Harvest Weekly: "With all the expertise required to get you there (and safely home) Brown has assembled a handsome backcountry guide to stuff into your backpack as you amble through the wilderness. The biggest drawback is the number of trips listed here that you won't have time to take in one lifetime. For, as it turns out, six million acres translates to a lot of possible day hikes. The guide is packed full of clear, concise directions to get you to the trailhead or boat launch of your choice, and there are hundreds to choose from. In this regard this guidebook is impressive for volume alone. Further, Brown's writing is facile and friendly, not overburdened with detail, but not rushed, either. There is a determined sense that the book was written from the point of view of an uncle with a naturalist bent, who wants you to know, not only how to get to Mount McKenzie, but also how many chipmunks and Indian cucumberroot you might find along the way."

John Ptarresi, Utica Observer-Dispatch, New York: "The Longstreet books are a bit different than most mountain guides in that they include extensive information on natural history, geology, flora and fauna as well as lists of activities, outfitters and annual events, plus maps and detailed trail descriptions. They are attractively laid out [and] Phil Brown is a good writer and his insights and historical asides are enjoyable. Anyone interested in the Adirondacks will find the guide extremely useful."

Diane Nevich, The Leader-Herald: "The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New York Adirondacks is a user-friendly, comprehensive trail guide. Not only does it include maps and descriptions of the area and trail, but also gives easy to follow directions to get there, trail and surface descriptions, degree of difficulty, activities, facilities and important dates, the closest town and who to contact for more information."

Felice E. Krycia, The Sun, Hamburg, New York: "If you are thinking of going to New York's Adirondack Mountains, The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New York Adirondacks by Phil Brown is for you. Overall, this is a must have book for anyone who's contemplating visiting the Adirondacks and even if you think you know the area, once you pick up this book you'll be surprised by what you've missed."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Vermont Mountains

By Nancy Bazilchuk and Rick Strimbeck. The New England authors are excellent naturalists and writers who uncovered a wealth of information about Vermont's mountains, including the Northeast Kingdom, the Green Mountains, the Taconic Mountains, and the Champlain Valley. If you love Vermont, this book is a must for your bookshelf. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-503-8. $18.95. Buy the book.


Scott Logan-Bourne, The Burlington Free-Press, Vermont: "Not only does this ambitious guide provide you with information on how to experience Vermont mountains, but also answers questions you might have whether on a day trip to Stowe, or a week backpacking the Long Trail. To call this book indispensable is almost an understatement. I have never seen so much relevant information compiled into one source. The object of this guidebook seems to be that of facilitating an immersion experience for its readers in all regions of the state. The passion the authors have for Vermont is apparent. This new book is presented in a remarkably clear and concise format. The book offers unsurpassed information for the seasoned local as well as the visiting day-tripper. There are hundreds of highlighted sights geared to outdoor enthusiasts of all interests, as well as museums and historical sites. It provides a thorough description of each region, including local flora and fauna, precise directions, facilities, activities and fees. I compared the book with places I was very familiar with and found the information unerringly accurate. The authors write in a fluid almost conversational style, which gives the book a nice readable quality."

Ric Bourie, The Boston Herald, Massachusetts: "If you enjoy a good guidebook as well as a good sunset, scan the bookshelves for the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Vermont Mountains. This is as comprehensive and lovely a guidebook as an outdoor lover could want. Armed with DeLorme Publishing's Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer, the appropriate topographical quad maps and this book, the adventurous traveler needs nothing more to explore Vermont's natural wonders. Besides being packed with helpful information on Vermont's mountains, parks, hiking trails and rivers, the book includes 51 maps as well as photos and marvelous illustrations of birds, insects, wildflowers, reptiles, mammals and more."

June Sawyers, The Chicago Tribune, Illinois: "This guide should be especially appealing for those with an interest in natural history or those who appreciate getting back to the basics."

Brian Burns, The Evening News, Southbridge, Massachusetts: "The Highroad Guide to the Vermont Mountains might be overlooked by non-hikers, for it seems to be an outdoor guide to -- well, the Vermont mountains. It is, but it is also more than that. Certainly, there are extensive hiking suggestions, area maps, and trail maps for just about every mountainside in the state. Beyond its breadth, however, most impressive is the attempt to place the present in the context of the past -- from the geology of each place though sidebars about such things as stone walls and barbed wire, spring wildflowers, and the Vermont whale. This is an excellent book about Vermont for both the hiker and the armchair traveler."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New Hampshire Mountains

By Carol Cushing. The author does an excellent job of highlighting the geology, flora, and fauna of hundreds of sites where amateur naturalists will learn more about New Hampshire's rich natural and human heritage. 336 pages and 51 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-504-6. $18.95. Buy the book.


Rebecca Rule, Concord Monitor, New Hampshire: "As a fan of Carol Cushing's 'Nature Matters' column, published regularly in the Monitor, I expected strong clear writing, rich with imagery in her new book, New Hampshire Mountains. Sure enough, Cushing's skill transcends subjects. Her perspective is lively and entertaining whether she's describing the antics of a kitten (in a recent column) or the geology, natural history, topography, flora, fauna and hiking trails of New Hampshire's mountain regions from Monadnock to Major to Moosilauke. This book neatly bridges extremes of audience -- the tourist in search of highlights vs. the seasoned hiker looking for a new challenge. Cushing's opening chapter The Natural History of New Hampshire's Mountains is an easy-to-read, information-packed primer on the landscape -- simple enough for the research of school children but including facts that may surprise adults who've trod the hills for years. Cushing is clearly intrigued and inspired by her subject, and grounds her commentary in what must have been months, perhaps years, of research. Cushing paints pictures with facts making New Hampshire Mountains as literary as it is comprehensive."

Steve Sherman, Keene Sentinel, New Hampshire: "Carol Cushing has assembled a wide-ranging, in-depth description of New Hampshire land and lakes as well as what to see and do in our state of extraordinary natural beauty in The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New Hampshire Mountains. The Guide is chock full of useful information and interesting curiosities. Handsomely designed and printed, detailed with clear maps and illustrations, and replete with natural history about everything between the northern Connecticut Lakes and the southern Massachusetts borders, her book offers far more than the inadequate title suggests."

Mike Dickerman, Littleton Courier, New Hampshire: "The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New Hampshire Mountains is exceptionally done and offers much more than just trail descriptions. It covers all of New Hampshire, not just the White Mountains."

Eleanor O'Donnell, Nashua Telegraph, New Hampshire: "The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New Hampshire Mountains contains a wealth of information on hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and horseback riding in the New Hampshire mountains."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Colorado Mountains

By Hal Clifford. Find the best of Colorado's mountains described in this fascinating and well-written book, an essential addition to nature lover's libraries. 352 pages and 52 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-537-2. $18.95. Buy the book.


Thom Storey, Nashville Tennessean: "For a most comprehensive look at four seasons of nature's best, pick up Colorado Mountains by Hall Clifford. Its 340 pages are filled with great places for outdoor activity, including hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking, all kinds of skiing and snowboarding, scenic driving, boating and wildlife watching. The natural history and features of the mountains and other great spots will educate even seasoned Colorado adventurers."

Mille Ball, New Orleans Times-Picayune: "A Colorado resident for 15 years, Hal Clifford is an editor at Ski magazine, and knows his beloved Rockies, whether they're covered with snow or scattered with wildflowers. In these 334 pages he includes contact numbers for ski resorts and conservation groups, as well as lots of details about favorite spots from wilderness areas to upscale Aspen. If you love Colorado (or think you'd love Colorado) -- no matter the season -- plan your excursions ahead of time by studying this book."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Washington Cascades

By Allan May. The author's love and knowledge of the Washington Cascades is found on every page. The book contains a broad array of details about the range's best attractions, including physical descriptions of the mountains and forests and an overview of how they got that way, as well as a guide to a wide variety of outdoor recreation available to the nature lover. 336 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-536-4. $18.95. Buy the book.


Thom Storey, Nashville Tennessean: "The Washington Cascades ... It's one of those unforgettable natural treasures of the Pacific Northwest. I thought I had experienced the best of the mountains until I picked up a copy of the Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Washington Cascades by Allan May. Longstreet books are aimed at avid outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, in particular. My interests lie at the more casual hiking end of the spectrum, but after discovering in words and photos the hundreds of amazing natural sites I missed on my first trip to the Cascades, I now have plans to move up a notch on the rugged meter. There's something for any lover of the outdoors here. To get the leg muscles pumping, this guide offers more than 50 maps, detailed trial descriptions, and extensive information on the natural history, geology, flora and fauna. If you're headed to Washington, pack this book."

Sharon Wootton, Everett Herald: "Everett resident Alan May has written more than a hiking guide to the Cascades. In his new book, he's given readers a chance to learn a bit of history -- human and natural -- as they hunt for the next great hike."

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Oregon Cascades

By Terry W. Sheely. This attractive volume makes a great reference work for anyone who cares to explore the beautiful Oregon Cascades. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 2000. ISBN 1-56352-538-0. $18.95. Buy the book.


The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the California Sierra Nevada.

By Mark Grossi. The author's insight, in-depth research, and fresh writing about the Sierra Nevada make this an excellent addition to the Longstreet Highroad series. 352 pages and 60 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 2000. ISBN 1-56352-592-5. $18.95. Buy the book.


Dorina K. Lazo, Narrating On Nature, The Fresno Bee: If you've ever pulled a trout from the icy waters of the Kaweah River or paused to snap a photo of Yosemite National Park's world famous Half Dome, you've caught a glimpse of the vast beauty of the California Sierra Nevada. But have you ever stopped to smell a wildflower? Or to trace the shape of a California Black Oak leaf? Have you ever considered why the rivers of this region are important to its mountain ranges? Fresno Bee reporter Mark Grossi claims he's no mountain man, but he knows the California Sierra Nevada like the back of his hand. His new book, "Longstreet Highroad Guide: To the California Sierra Nevada," takes a comprehensive look at the whole mountain range - stretching almost 19 million acres north to south- nearly the length of the Golden State. You might find this book in the travel section at a local bookstore. But this is not just another here's-my-favorite-trail kind of hiking guide. Indeed, this book is a great tour of the various trails that weave through the California Sierra Nevada. But Grossi digs deeper, highlighting the geology, flora and fauna of hundreds of sites. "The big picture is what really jumped out at me - How this huge mountain range came out of nowhere," says Grossi. He worked on the book over the course of a year, gathering information and research form U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service employees and libraries as well as exploring on his own. Grossi, who grew up in Bakersfield, was already familiar with the Southern Sierra region, but his research on the book introduced him to the beauty of the north. He explored places such as Tahoe National Forest, Plumas National Forest and Lassen Volcanic National Park. "This mountain range is so radically different from north to south," he says. "I've talked to people who have hiked on four or five continents and says these are the most beautiful mountains." Grossi says his favorite area in all the California Sierra Nevada is the Eastern Sierra. "It's just incredible," says Grossi. "There is nowhere else I can think of where you can find desert plants within 100 yards of alpine." His research and exploration has also kindled a new interest in wildflowers. Grossi has worked as an editor and reporter for the past 14 years at the Fresno Bee, the last seven years covering the environment and natural resources. He wrote his first article about Yosemite National Park in the early 1990's. He also worked on an award winning special report on the San Joaquin River titled "rescuing the San Joaquin" in June 1999. Families can use Grossi's book to discover great places for summer and winter activities. Those include snowshoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, skiing and horseback riding. For more serious outdoor enthusiasts, this book is an excellent resource for planning your next big excursion or to explore the tranquility of sites off the beaten path.

The Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Arizona Mountains and Grand Canyon.

By Stewart Aitchison. Arizona's wealth of natural areas, forests, mountains, and canyons are explored by accomplished author Stewart Aitchison. 352 pages and 50 maps. 2-color. 7x9 inches. 60 original drawings. Photographs. Appendices. Index. Published 1999. ISBN 1-56352-593-3. $18.95. Buy the book.


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