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The Waving Girl Statue welcomes ships to Savannah The Northern Coast: Chatham & Bryan Counties

The Northern Coast offers the most attractions to tour of any division of this book, because of the town of Savannah, the developed barrier islands of Tybee, Wilmington, and Skidaway, as well as the wildlife preserves of Wassaw and Ossabaw islands.

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Chatham County by far has the greatest population of any coastal county in Georgia, with approximately 250,000 citizens. Because of this and the charms of Savannah, the attractions in Chatham County receive the highest number of visitors of any on the Georgia coast. Besides Savannah, visitors can tour Fort Jackson, Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Museum, Wormsloe Historic Site, Skidaway Island State Park, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and Marine Extension Center, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, Oatland Island Education Center, and Fort Pulaski National Monument. On Tybee Island, there is Fort Screven Historic District, Tybee Lighthouse, Tybee Island Museum, and Tybee Island Marine Science Center. With a boat, the adventurous can reach Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, Little Tybee Island, and, with permission and transportation, Ossabaw Island Heritage Preserve.

The Northern Coast: Chatham and Bryan Counties Outline

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