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Monterey and the Standing Stone

Around the beginning of the twentieth century, Monterey was a resort town that boasted seven hotels and drew summer people who came to enjoy the cool temperatures and mountain scenery. The modern Inn at Bee Rock continues this tradition.Click here for a new window with a larger version of this map.

The Standing Stone was a 13-foot-tall rock that once stood upright on a sandstone ledge in the area. It was the legendary boundary between Cherokee and Shawnee territory and marked the Cherokee Tallonteeskee Trail. The 8-foot remnant of this stone is preserved in Monterey, where a Standing Stone Celebration of Native American Heritage is held each October.

Standing Stone State Park [Fig. 9(1)], near the historic community of Livingston, contains nearly 11,000 acres and offers cabins, camping, and fishing on the 69-acre Standing Stone Lake. The annual Rolley Hole National Marble Championship takes place in September and earns Standing Stone the title "Marble Capital of the United States." Although Rolley Hole is a team sport played in this area for generations, contenders who take their marble shooting seriously come from far afield. Rolley Hole involves rolling marbles into, you guessed it, holes strategically placed along a 40-foot playing field.

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