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Middle Georgia Introduction

Middle Georgia was an important political, agricul-tural and industrial support center of the Confederacy. The capital of Georgia was located in Milledgeville, and Macon was an important manufacturing center which produced vital war materials for the Confederacy. The area was the scene of cavalry raids during the Atlanta Campaign during the summer of 1864. Many of the towns in this area were located on rail lines, making them hospital centers. When Sherman went on his famous "March to the Sea," on Nov. 15, 1864, his 60,000 men divided in four columns and traveled right through this area toward Savannah. The only significant large battle during the March was fought on Nov. 22, 1864, at Griswoldville, a town that no longer exists due to Sherman's "carelessness with matches." There is no main Civil War park to tour here, but much history spread out through the region in the form of Civil War markers, monuments, Cemeteries and historic homes. Middle Georgia, due to a long-running historic preservation ethic, has the most towns with architectural and cultural treasures, many open to tour.

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Middle Georgia Outline

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