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We wish to acknowledge Doug Markham with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; Michael Hoyal and Albert Horton with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Geology; Andrea Shea with Tennessee's Division of Natural Heritage; Donnie Cable, Pete Irvine, Verne Maddux, Cheryl Sommers, and Delce Dyer in the Cherokee National Forest; Nancy Gray and Bob Miller at Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Judith Bartlow with TVA; Randy Hedgepath with South Cumberland State Recreation Area; and Brian King with the Appalachian Trail Conference.

A special thanks to Russ Manning, Sondra Jamieson, Robert Brandt, Kelly Roark, Evan Means, and William Skelton, and the many hikers who blazed the trails before us. Thanks to Ron Wilson and Howard Duncan at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, and to Barbara Stagg at Historic Rugby who helped us step into Rugby's past.

We extend great appreciation to two of the finest editors we have ever worked with, Pam Holliday and Richard Lenz, for their untiring patience and direction. They shared their knowledge of the mountains with us and we are grateful. Thanks also to our publisher, Longstreet Press, and especially to Marge McDonald, director of the Highroad Guide series, for her confidence in us throughout this arduous project, and Steve Gracie, General Manager, for his patience and understanding.

—Vernon and Cathy Summerlin

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