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Three long trails—the Appalachian, the Benton MacKaye, and the Bartram—provide hikers with an opportunity to cover long distances entirely by foot. In addition, by combining these three trails with the Foothills Trail in South Carolina, the resourceful hiker could travel between 360 to 400 miles across some of the most varied and dramatic scenery in the Southeast. The Appalachian Trail (AT) is probably the most famous hiking trail in the world. Most hikers experience only certain portions of the trail such as from where the trail crosses a public road to the top of a mountain. Other hikers take several months off and hike the entire length. The Benton MacKaye is not as traveled as the AT and is more popular with some hikers who seek more privacy on their backpacking trips. The Bartram Trail winds through the northeastern corner of Georgia, tracing the footsteps of famous 18th-century naturalist William Bartram.

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