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Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Carolina Mountains

By Lynda McDaniel

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Hikers enjoy Linville Gorge

Click here for a new window with a large version of this map.The Long Trails of Western North Carolina

Three primary long trails are found in Western North Carolina: The Appalachian Trail, the Bartram Trail, and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. The Appalachian Trail is probably the most famous long trail in the world, stretching approximately 2,100 miles from Georgia to Maine. The Bartram Trail traces the footsteps of famous naturalist William Bartram, who studied the flora and fauna of the Southeastern United States in the 1700s with his equally famous father John. When completed, the ambitious North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail will extend from Western Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean. Each of these is well worth a hike, whether you do a small portion in a day hike or the entire length over many months.

The Long Trails of Western North Carolina Outline

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