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Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Georgia Mountains

By The Georgia Conservancy

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About The Georgia Conservancy

The Georgia Conservancy is an independent, nonprofit organization of citizens, community groups, and businesses dedicated to protecting Georgia's environment and encouraging responsible stewardship of vital natural resources. In pursuing this mission, The Georgia Conservancy works to ensure a balance between environmental concerns and the demands of social and economic progress.

Since its founding in 1967, The Georgia Conservancy has built a solid reputation for its reasoned, pragmatic approach to environmental problem solving and its well-practiced ability to build consensus on difficult and complex issues. Through education and advocacy, The Georgia Conservancy plays a key role in developing public policy and enhancing environmental quality.

As Georgia continues its unprecedented growth, the pressures on our environment increase. The Georgia Conservancy is committed to its leadership role as the state's primary resource for environmental information and advocacy. The Highroad Guide to the Georgia Mountains, like our Guide to the Georgia Coast, celebrates our magnificent natural heritage and is a testament to the compelling need to protect it for present and future generations.

Thousands of citizens have decided to act positively for environmental quality and have joined The Georgia Conservancy. Make the natural decision and join The Georgia Conservancy today!

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